Warchitecture-Sarajevo: A Wounded City is a multi-media exhibition that shows the documentation of the destruction of architecture in Sarajevo through photographs, films, audio-tape, and personal testimony. Created by the Bosnia-Herzegovina Association of Architects (Das-Sabih) in Sarajevo between May 1992 and October 1993, Warchitecture describes the combined physical and psychological assault against the civilian population through the destruction of the city’s architecture. On March 16, 1994, five members of Das Sabih - Midhat Cesovic, Borislav Curic, Nasif Hasanbegovic, Darko Serfic and Sabahundin Spilja - escaped the city with the content of the exhibition packed in two crates. During the following months, they used the materials collected to inform the design community and the general public about the degeneration of Sarajevo and to initiate planning to reconstruct the city.